Horse Boarding

With over 20 years hands on horse farming experience, driven by sheer passion, equine nutrition is held at the absolute highest regard at RAFA. Our focus is our highly advanced, diversified feeding program designed to meet the needs of all types of horse breeds and age ranges. By offering a completely unique blend of high-quality grain mixed with farm fresh organic products we are better suited to cater to each equine individual dietary need to promote healthy consumption and body function. Paired with our grass pastures and home harvested hay made specially for equines and easy digestion. We keep all supply on hand, so we are fully prepared at all times to meet necessary requirements for high quality horse care. Our goal with our diligent, consistent, efficient feeding program, and sharp attention to fine details is to keep your horse happy and peaceful out in the pasture, and out of the vet office! We act fast to address situations in house, in a timely manner with our certified staff to counteract symptoms before they become a larger issue. Peace of mind for you and your horse, enjoy your time on the farm with your equine or rest assured on vacation that your equine is beyond well cared for at our full-service facility.

All Boarding options include the following:

    -Daily Turnout in large grass fields -Access to Facility Amenities -Grain 2x Daily -24 Hour access to Fresh Hay & Water -Handling for Vet & Farrier (If farm appointed organization is chosen) -Administering of vitamins, supplements, & worming if provided by owner. -Night check to ensure safety & better being of all animals on the farm.
Field Board: $450
-Access to 12x16 Run in Shed

Full Board: $650
-10x12 Stall Picked Daily

-1 Blanket Change

Large Stall Board: $750
-10x14 Stall Picked Daily

-2 Blanket Changes

Large Stall Full Service Board: $800
-10x14 Stall Picked Daily

-2 Blanket Changes

-Hooves picked daily

Rehabilitation/Recovery Board: Get your athlete back on track with a farm fresh diet and on our vastly experienced, on location vet assistant, Katie Borrell! Details & Resume coming soon. Email for price quote on special & extreme cases.

Facility Amenities

  • Outdoor Arena
  • Indoor Arena
  • Heated Tack room & Vending Machine
  • Cross Country Field
  • Perimeter track
  • 60 Acres of Field Edges & Trails
Call 845-705-9508 or Email with any questions or to set up an appointment!